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Darthend Moonglum: the player character

Born in 82 PA on the East Coast of North America (a village on the coast of what used to North Carolina), Darthend is the son of Markus Moonglum, a Glitter Boy pilot whose suit is probably over a hundred years old.  The village had a fishing fleet, and Markus would sail out to protect them as the fished.  When Darthend was about 7, he was sailing on another ship when a huge octopus like monster surfaced and destroyed the ship.  Markus successfully killed it, but not before it scarred Darthend for life on the right chest and stomach.  Darthend still is afraid of octopus!

At 15, Darthend was well on his way to becoming an excellent warrior – when the Splugorth came.  They (presumably) killed Markus, but captured Darthend as a slave.  He was sold to a minor demon on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, where he served in its' house for three years before he was sold to Morkeleb the Black as a gladiator in the Pecos Empire.

For three more years, Darthend lived as a gladiator, fighting in a historical show – he learned how to use ancient weaponry and wore a Roman style breastplate of bronze.  His chain-mate was Gruk, an ogre with a bionic arm and cybernetic eye.


Morkeleb the Black: some sort of unknown demon; Morkeleb is always inside his jet black semi-trailer.  He owned Darthend.

Main Page

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