Silent Shadow

Whose Armor is that?

Darthend finds himself chained to a wall alongside his ogre friend, Gruk, waiting for bets to made on who will live and die in the arena the next day.  Somewhere in Texas – the Pecos Empire – he's done this hundreds of times before.  But today, he hears a familiar whine of machinery, and turns to see his father's Glitter Boy suit walking by, towing a cage with a human.

He watches as a hobgoblin gets out of the beat up GB – the left leg is dragging, and the machinery sounds terrible.  Deciding to escape, he waits until the orc guards change.  They wear and use MDC stuff – so he needs to be careful.  But Gruk comes to the rescue – he's stashed a laser scalpel and cuts through the MDC chains.

 Gruk and Darthend escape and race down the lane to the warehouse that the local inn uses for a parking garage, taking the dead orc's blaster rifle.  They blow by a goblin guarding the door, and blast right through.  The GB is there, and miraculously the AI (Hannah) recognizes Darthend and lets him fire the suit up.  A short fire fight ensues, and more orcs run – alerting Morkeleb and his lieutenant.  Darthend rips the cage away and releases Owen Jackson – an operator caught by the hobgoblin.  He breaks into an older decrepit and modified Coalition Mark V APC – and they speed off into the night.

They make camp in a building at the outskirts of an ancient pre-Rifts city, hoping there's nothing around.  Gurk goes and looks for food while Owen gets to work on the jet stabilization system on the GB, so Darthend can fire his Boom Gun without getting knocked over.  The night drags on…



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