Silent Shadow

Long Night


Darthend and friends are in the abandoned pre-rifts city, and Gruk the ogre goes off in search of food.  An hour or so later, he comes back and convinces Darthend to come look at a group of humanoids that appear to be about to perform some sort of sacrifice.  They are some sort of druid-throwback group – about 10 strong – and are gathered around a fire with food (and a coffee pot!) and about to sacrifice a humanoid and Dog Boy – a beagle, to be exact. 

Darthend shoots the head worshipper – in the head with his helmet and antlers…but it didn't really kill the guy.  Gruk opens up with his "Firebreather" and knocks most of them down.  One bad-guy charges with a vibro blade – Darthend runs to meet him after he casts some sort of spell that makes the weeds around him grow and get nasty little mouths!  They meet at an ancient car – Darthend crouches down and the druid jumps up over the car. Darthend blasts him with his C-18 laser pistol – aiming for the leg where it's not armored.  The shot is successful, ripping the guys leg off and killing rather neatly. 

They save the psi-stalker (Kal) and the Dog Boy (Spike) and grab some stuff, heading back for the safety of the APC and Darthend's GB suit.  They notice movement – and Darthend charges in to get in his suit, as Owen is just finishing up the repair to the jet stabilization system.  Morkeleb's lieutenant seems to have gotten about 30 Orcs along with a dragon and a Thornhead demon.

The Thornhead gets killed, and Darthend rips off one of its' antlers – and shoots the dragon a couple of times with his boom gun. It teleports away, and the last of the orcs runs off or is defeated.  They flee in the APC into the night, heading south on what used to be I20 towards the Pecos River and the city of Pecos.  During the drive they eat and have some coffee, and decide to head to El Paso.



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