Silent Shadow

Catch - up

Since last time I posted on this, the campaign has progressed.  The party fled from the abandoned town they were in, and headed south on an ancient highway in their APC.  They ended up turning west towards El Paso, after having a quick and combat free encounter with a couple of Coalition Sky Cycles.

In El Paso, they sold thier APC and outfitted themselves with a new (or new to them!) ATV Mountaineer, nuclear engine with a rail gun on top.  Gruk mans the 'gun while Owen drives.  Kal and Spike ride while Darthend walks most of the time – at least so far.  The rest of the money was spent outfitting everyone – at least in armor and weapons with some food and other adventuring equipment.

Darthend and Gruk wander into a bar in search of employment – they pass up an offer from Demonbusters to join them as contractors because the party has no intention of hanging out in Mexico.  [Demonbusters said that they were being hired to explore the Vampire Kingdoms rumors]  They then made the acquaintance of a group of dwarves.  They haven't been in the world long, and only one spoke Spanish (his name was Curly) – but they decided that the party would escort the clan north.  For no pay.  Gruk wasn't all that happy about that, but Darthend seems to have become the Captain of a company.  At least that's what everyone calls him now.

So the next day they meet up with 7 wagons pulled in three lines by turtle like creatures called Chugs.  There are about 80 dwarves all together, only a few have a couple of modern weapons between them all.  They form into a convoy and head north.  Later that morning they see a plume of dust from just over the ridge.  Gruk with his cyber hearing eventually determines that they are a group of motorcycle riders.  At a late lunch by the ruins of a bridge and town over what used to be the Rio Grande, Darthend hops up on top of a building and sees two miles away a group of humanoids (orcs, etc) on motorcycles scavenging in a ruined town.  They leave, and the group continues on their way till nightfall. 

They are close to a town called Mesa Bay, and will probably get there the next day.  Until then, they sleep or stand watch.  Hannah, the GBs AI keeps a monitor on what's going on.



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